Falling Eagle

by Alexander Duncan

Light bringer, how you roam alone,
Uncommon prophet far from home,
Bright feather from beyond the stream,
Shakti consort of the sun,
Crier of the time, and spun
By infinity you careen.

To man you come, a distant rood,
Your rendezvous a sign of blood,
Reminder of a distance vast.
The sky is shaken by your path,
The past returns, the future’s wrath –
O man, will your time last?

The music of the spheres seduces;
The mind of man, inane, produces
Tangential fantasies.
May the music of your harp
Go forth to seek a better heart
More able to unlock your mysteries.

I see alien flowers,
Celestial bowers,
Growing through cracked tiles;
Still absent builders,
Their skill bewilders,
Blowing through empty aisles.

UR Poems

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Alexander Bruce Duncan (born 9 April 1954) is a Canadian writer and editor who has contributed to spiritual philosophy, poetry, and social and political activism in print and online. Alex has published under several pseudonymns, including Max Demian and Seten Tomh. He is the author of UR Poems, published by Chroniker Press, and other works. He has been encouraged by Dr. Robert Thurman and his work praised by the late Michael Stone.

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