Song of Pancasikha

by Alexander Duncan

O girl long of thigh,
Possess me with your limpid eye,
Let me lose myself in your embrace,
O maid.
I shall emblaze
This yearning spark
To perfect flaming.
All beings arise,
Delighting in the curls of her hair,
And give gifts to the saints.

(translated from the Pali)

Conversations with the Buddha

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Alexander Bruce Duncan (born 9 April 1954) is a Canadian writer and editor who has contributed to spiritual philosophy, poetry, and social and political activism in print and online. Alex has published under several pseudonymns, including Max Demian and Seten Tomh. He is the author of UR Poems, published by Chroniker Press, and other works. He has been encouraged by Dr. Robert Thurman and his work praised by the late Michael Stone.

Last updated November 21, 2021