Human Tendency

Aura gets so much of happiness,
Yet a men mind turns out for greediness,
He wants more of socialness’,
But forgets that he is yet to learn that civilness.
He roams in search of true friends
But doesn’t even care if his parents are to an end,
He claims he is right in front of all,
But cries in a corner of a wall.
Never feels guilty,
But doesn’t tend to feel worthy,
Instead enjoys every night of horror,
Blames god for his deed,
But pity’s himself for making a wrong weed.
His fake smile never fades,
And neither do his aids,
But when he will understand everything happens for a reason,
And that’s why he’s is born as gods son,
When he will understand that life is not a punishment,
It’s just a seed that needs nourishment,
When will he understand no matter how far he searches?
He will end up going in god’s churches,
May be after that his mind finds happiness and his aura get satisfaction,
May b then he will understand why people fail life as motivation,
May b then his life will end up as

Alina Ahmed's picture

Alina Ahmed (16th Sept' 94) is a workoholic girl, currently working as a graphic designer in a renowned compnay., From childhood days, observing and discovering new reality is her mania. Her passion for interpreting macrocosm in her own language made her to write poems in concise explanation.

Last updated April 25, 2011