Succeeding Sentiments.

Rejoicing on the melodies of my song,
I realised standing on my toe, I’m strong,
With all the happiness I want to play along,
Where not a single thing goes wrong.

A smile on the face,
Thinking that now everything is in its place,
I want to feel the breeze of upcoming race,
In which I know I am going to be in first place.

Now no one can leave me alone,
Because now I know how to sing my tone,
Without in fear of bringing a cyclone,
Knowing that I can act as an outgrown.

Now I have realised I’m someone owing in this creation,
And no one can leave me with abrogation,
I know I can stand on my own ramification,
May be then I will be on top of this whole nation.

With no one by my side,
With whom I may collide,
After all I cannot be denied,
To act as my own preside.

Alina Ahmed

Alina Ahmed's picture

Alina Ahmed (16th Sept' 94) is a workoholic girl, currently working as a graphic designer in a renowned compnay., From childhood days, observing and discovering new reality is her mania. Her passion for interpreting macrocosm in her own language made her to write poems in concise explanation.

Last updated May 28, 2011