A Lie

My father approached me by surprise
Telling me, he wants to go to a Casino.
Yet, he would like me to tell a lie.
I said to my father,
'My mother needs to Know...'

My friend called me by his mobile
To tell his girlfriend he was on a meeting
But he was on a dating.
I confronted my friend.
I said, 'Better inform your girlfriend
'Cause I just can't tell another lie.'

My wife told me yesterday.
She said, "I am sorry."
But when I looked into her eyes,
I saw lack of sincerity.
I told my wife,
'Hey, you can't lie to me.'

Now I ask myself,
Why everyone needs to lie?
'Cause it's a lie, I hate.
'Cause it's a lie, I don't want it.
'Cause it's a lie, I can't forgive.
'Cause it's a lie, I can't forget.

After all, a lie is a lie.


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Last updated February 23, 2013