When Demons Talk

The most painful moments of my life, are when I lay in my bed, right before I go to sleep. It’s not because I’m afraid of the dark, nor am I afraid of not waking up. It’s the fear of yet another dreamless sleep, only to find peace from an indifferent world, a world that’s no longer my home. It has been infected with disrespect, disloyalty and stupidity. I do not wish to be part of that, I wish to change it, rebuild it from the ground. Oh so many times have I experienced disloyalty. Friends who stabbed me in the back, and too many times have I been the good guy, forgiving them, later realizing that it was just yet another bullet for their gun, held against my head. Never again shall another betrayer be armed by my trustful silver bullets. I chose to save myself from getting hurt, by hurting others, and to be fair I’ve never felt better.
To these people possessing the world, ignorance is the only protection, against seeing the world as it really is. I started out slowly, sorting out my friends. Who deserved to be there? Who deserved to witness my power unfolding, and the world slowly changing to the better? As the friends were sacrificed, one by one, I felt my power increasing. Those people did not deserve my friendship, nor did they deserve the smallest amount of my respect. And so I began my journey, alone but still with that one person, whom I always had respected. Myself.
I was born to be a bad person, and by now I see how I have fulfilled my role in life. I’ve become what I was meant to. I have sacrificed people on my way to greatness, and the demons are hungrier than ever. But the fact is that nobody could do what I’ve done. It isn’t human. My fatal actions aren’t human, therefore nor am I. I AM greatness, in every aspect of the word.

22 years old, Danish., Has two dogs.

Last updated December 03, 2016