by Charles Eric Carroll

Angrily I shout at the anger that is all around,
Bred in anger.
Kicking and screaming to hell we seem bound.

My soul lashes out at all the meanness,
Bred in soullessness.
Few care who they hurt, reason for sadness.

Sadness all around, does nobody care?
Bred uncaring.
Ignorance they feign. Insensitivity I declare!

Rich boots stomp on the backs of the poor,
Bred to receive more.
The laws of Christianity, the rich ignore.

Get out of my way! Angry words fill the air!
Bred to bully.
Voices of hatred, cause of despair.

So many wanting something for nothing,
Bred for gluttony.
Giving nothing, but stealing anything and everything.

Screaming war, let’s go kill them all.
Bred to indifference to all injustices.
Not learning from history. Mankind will fall.

Yokohama, Japan November 6, 2014

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I am a writer from San Diego. I live in Japan and have been writing poems for a long time. Recently I have also started writing lyrics to music as well. I write about various issues but mostly about women's issues, love, struggle and strife.

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