by Jamie Yawn

the clowns are coming
Someone save me please
before they get me
the clowns are coming

someone please save me if you will, someone give me sanctuary
someone please give me a place to duck
for these freaks are after me
look out here they come, oh fuck

they have painted faces
they look innocent and sweet but unfortelly
too dam bad for me i found the dirty little secret
i kno exactly who they are

they kill when they come in your town
their laughter can be heard from miles around
every night a different place to make them evil frown
every night a new person ends up dead in a differnt wed.

the victums they collect are all painted with giggs
they have tears on their cheeks
they have red and yellow feet that makes my heart stop it's beat.

the costumes they wear look comical as can be
but beware of what they keep inside
i know the pain they can cause to me

theyre freaky circus has come downtown
come one come all
their ring master wont fall he
has come to bid you a welcome

he scans the crowd for another unsuspecting victum
look in the distance a young girl name Jamie that is all in a black
run Jamie, run for your life

the killers clowns run from the ring
insearch of their new prey
oh no theyve got me now
no chance for looking for me now cause
the role of all these blood thursting clowns, boy i will never be found.
its to late to come save me now.
by: Jamie Yawn

Jamie Yawn

Jamie Nicolli Yawn's picture

love poetry and love to write it a lot., im love music and I love everything there is to do lol, I have two boys, marty born 7-27-09 and jeremiah born 12-21-12, and my name is Jamie aka Diva and I was born and raise in'Mobile Alabama aka DIP and I have 4brothers Toby, Robbie, tommy and chad., and I love to cook play games. I was born on nov.24.19.89, and my bf name is drew and he is so sweet and I love him to dealth..................

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