Access to Guilt

by Charles Eric Carroll

Access to guilt
Rarely accessed
Apologies absent
Justice oppressed

Truth ignored
Rarely processed
Falsehoods spread
Liars are blessed

Withheld of love
Too many denied
Given no sympathy
Uncared for cried

Egotism promoted
Others forgotten
Take what you can
Souls became rotten

Brutality inflicted
Harm the weaker
Ignorant to plight
Weak grow greater

Greed going rampant
Never for others
Gluttony gone wild
Hoard from brothers

Hate supported
Never think twice
Suspicion of all
Never be nice

World savagely fighting
Savage it has gone
Bent on destruction
Savagely marching on

Charles Eric Carroll

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I am a writer from San Diego. I live in Japan and have been writing poems for a long time. Recently I have also started writing lyrics to music as well. I write about various issues but mostly about women's issues, love, struggle and strife.

Last updated September 08, 2017