Down with Lady Liberty

by Charles Eric Carroll

Down with Lady Liberty
She might as well fall
She stands in the harbor
For no meaning at all
Undocumented dreamers
Many came to her harbor
She accepted almost all
Our forefathers they were
Decedents cried foul
Ignorant of history
No papers or passports
Ancestors came freely
Dreams of their mothers
Brought on their backs
Maligned as criminals
A con man’s attacks
A campaign scheme
The right are believers
Nothing is their fault
Evil are the dreamers
Innocents rejected
Not right it seems
Heartlessness won
Gone many dreams
Down with Lady Liberty
She might as well fall
Her words now useless
Meaning nothing at all

Charles Eric Carroll

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I am a writer from San Diego. I live in Japan and have been writing poems for a long time. Recently I have also started writing lyrics to music as well. I write about various issues but mostly about women's issues, love, struggle and strife.

Last updated November 08, 2017