Proudly Uncultured

by Charles Eric Carroll

Proudly uncultured
Pathetical unrefined
Pompous and arrogant
A disgrace in time

Rich in finances
But morally poor
Ethically a sham
Corrupted core

Ego run amuck
Fingers tweet wildly
Nothing but hate
Insanity seen clearly

Wretched is the soul
Divisive and spiteful
All for one’s vanity
Vanity of a scoundrel

Touched by the devil
Walking hand in hand
Betraying all for self
Vile is the man

Charles Eric Carroll

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I am a writer from San Diego. I live in Japan and have been writing poems for a long time. Recently I have also started writing lyrics to music as well. I write about various issues but mostly about women's issues, love, struggle and strife.

Last updated May 09, 2019