Things That Make Me Smile......

by Charles Eric Carroll

Lazy Saturday mornings, with nothing to do,
Breakfast in pajamas,
Classic cartoons play on the tube.

Freshly baked bread wafts in the air,
Eggs and bacon as well,
All enjoy it, "best ever" they all declare.

Nice fresh fruit, ripe and sweet,
So many to choose.
Nature’s goodness, their nectar, a treat.

Sunny days in the park with rainbows in the sky,
Picnics here. Parties over there.
Many enjoying Mama’s cooking, freshly baked apple pie,

Children chase each other, race from here to there,
Nice warm breeze blows,
Bicyclist with smiles, many kites fill the air,

Smiles on faces, no reason at all,
Satisfied they are.
"Hello to you", strangers kindly call.

Jelly beans, marshmallows and lots of sweets,
Chocolate covered as well.
So many good things, so many tasty treats.

Kids eating cotton candy with balloons tied to strings,
Red, blue, white, yellow and green.
Released all at once, a spectacle in the sky it brings.

Dolphins swimming and jumping in the sea,
From the park they can be seen.
“Look at them jump”, children claim with such glee.

Kids swimming and jumping in the park pool,
Playing Marco Polo.
Everyone has so much fun, everyone keeps cool.

All are sharing, lots of giving going around,
No tempers or angry shouts,
Laughter fills the air, tis the only sound.

Amusement parks, rides are plenty,
No lines there are,
Happy people they are, everyone so friendly.

Fireworks fill the sky, the sky thunders it seems,
Look at that. How glorious it is.
Exploding in the sky, then falling to the earth in bright streams.

Sleeping children on their daddies' shoulders,
Too much fun they have had.
Some safely asleep, tucked away in their baby strollers.

Tomorrow is Sunday, nothing stressful to do,
To church we may go.
To Saturday we bid a thankful adieu.

These things bring a smile to my face,
A change of mood.
When life seems difficult and things out of place.

Yokohama, Japan October 25, 2014

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I am a writer from San Diego. I live in Japan and have been writing poems for a long time. Recently I have also started writing lyrics to music as well. I write about various issues but mostly about women's issues, love, struggle and strife.

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