Perpetuating Coexistence

by Alyssa Murray

Perpetuate: 1. to make perpetual. 2. to preserve from extinction or oblivion.

Coexistence: 1. a policy of living peacefully with other nations, religions, etc., despite fundamental disagreements.

A nurtured perception in the mind,
Carried out by earthly body,
Has truth look back upon itself;
Perpetuating the spirit
Of the self and every other,
Towards honor or suppression of coexistence.

We all affect the coexistence
With motives of the mind;
Helping or hurting one another
With deliberate or aimless body.
Cultivation molds the spirit
As intentions define the self.

Vocal extensions of the self
Reverberate into coexistence;
Whispering secrets of the spirit;
Sounding the workings of the mind.
Thoughts, as words, emanate from the body
Sending out ripples that reach each other.

Exertion of will upon each other
Is a choice within the self.
Deliberate conscious body,
Cultivating or destroying coexistence.
Perpetuating influence of the singular mind
Frees or captures the kindred spirit.

In careful watch upon the spirit,
Our deeds affect the other;
Luxury can numb the mind to pain
And concern beyond the self.
Living in a world of shaky coexistence
Demands compassion in deeds and body.

There is only one who can drive the body
And perpetuate the spirit,
Contributing to the mix of coexistence,
Mingling the self with the other.
There is only one who creates the self;
There are many ways to govern the mind.

Earthly plane of coexistence, and the influential body,
Self-governed mind in seas of diverse spirit:
The value of the life of every other, is as sacred as the self..

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Alyssa is a writer, poet, explorer, and philosopher. Her works are strongly influenced by nature, coexistence, compassion, and spirituality.,

Last updated September 08, 2011