Mother Ocean

by Amy E. Johnsen

Ancient of days,
Deep to endless fathoms,
Mysterious to the infinite,
Vast expanse of liquid space,
Woman of Timeless Beauty.

Enraged, you batter relentlessly all that you encounter,
Tranquil, your peace transcends time and worry.
You teem with unseen life
While jealously guarding the Secrets of the Dead.
Your salty tears honor the lost.
Friend of many shores,
You are my Peace.

Away from you...
I still dream of your midnight tides,
As they rush in with a deafening roar,
Then quickly retreat in a sizzling clatter,
Leaving gifts of shell jewels behind
Glistening in your silvered wake.

Earth’s moon,
Your silent observer,
Holds eternal vigil
As it transforms your shimmering face into an
Indigo Sea of Diamonds.

Mother Ocean,
Your child longs for you.

I will return to your

A Place of Remembrance

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My soul journey flows out of me and into my work. I am currently writing and publishing solely online where my poetry has been chosen as Poem of the Day and received Honorable Mention at The content tends to be autobiographical and intense.

Last updated December 26, 2011