Stormy Eily

by Arthur Stringer

Arthur Stringer

(Said Kildree Tim: " There's niver words
Betwixt me wife an' me!
Aroo, we live loike matin' birds,
Widout a peck! " says he,
Aye, niver a row or ruction, lad,
Me mild-shpoke mate an' I've wanst had! " )

Since first I've loved me Eily
We've wrangled, walked away,
An' fought an' kissed an' fallen out
An' stormed be night an' day!

Faith, since I've first loved Eily,
On throubled seas I've swung!
That woman's two-thirds made av fire,
An' wan-third made av tongue!

But then she ends in weepin',
An' sobbin' I'm to blame —
('Tis th' fire that makes wan quick to fight
Drives wan to love the same!)

For next she's wrapped me, shmilin'
Like the Lord's own sky above,
In the softest, warmest, maddest arms
That iver ached wid love!

Last updated September 07, 2017