My Story

Pain, Fear, Tears (Pause), Lies, Fights (Pause), Hurt and Despair
(Faster) Abused, Misused (Pause) Yells, Neglect
(Pause) Broken, Abandoned (Softer) it never stopped
That was my life before all this
Before CPS took us away
Took us away from what we ever knew
Then brought back to all that pain
Taken by CPS again to a safe place
A place we would soon call home
Before all this I was hopeless
So tiny with nothing
(Faster) No food, no cloths, just a brother
No bed, no pillow, just a car
No clean diaper, just a wet one
(Slow Down) I had no hope to live through it
Till the day they rescued us
I look how far I’ve come still here to carry on
Stranding on solid ground
To tell the story of once before
How in the midst of all the pain
The scars throughout made me who I am today

I never realized how actions of two people
Could impact two innocent children’s lives forever
To take them in to a beloved family
For that I say thanks

No more searching for love
No more waiting for my next meal
No more being lost to find my way home
No more worrying for what’s to come
I’m in a safe place now
This is where I belong
I have a Dad who’s caring
A Mom who gives her all everyday
Brothers who take care of me
This place- became my home
My parents- they inspire
Inspire me to never give up hope
Never let anyone look down on me
To always have faith in everything
This home-this family-is my safe haven
My answered prayer
My prayer to be put in a family who care
Who will love and care for us
Who will never let us go
This is what CPS did for us
They found us a home
My life couldn’t be any more complete
I truly am blessed

I am a Senior in high school, and I wrote this poem based on my life for my senior year project that we are required to do. I am 17 years old and going to GCU next year to study religion.

Last updated November 20, 2014