Didn't Say

by Ashley Marie DeLoach

Didn’t say “no”
Didn’t say “yes”
Didn’t “hi”
Didn’t venture a guess
For with Or without
Thy word unspoken to mine virgin ear,
Is a venture more commonly crossed.
For with words
Words of heart
Words of thought
Words of
Mends thy heart
From a shatter of a forever break
A break
A solution
A solitary solution
Of which you didn’t say

Freddie Elliot's picture

I was born in the fall of 1992 to a very American military family. As an only child I had most of my parents attention until my unruly cousin came to live with us when I was about 6. I grew up in a middle-class household as the only brown person in a white family. When I grew up I was a very "masculine" and suffering child and teen and very non-conforming. With this, my bipolar mental illness started to come evident as I was dazed and isolated by my illness and emotions that accompanied them. This is most prevalent in my poetry as the downs of bipolarity is my main topic. Later, as I got to college I really came into my own. I can out as an Atheist and a Queer woman. I am an activist and see intelligence and activism as the only ways to live therefore questioning those who do not. I do not believe in the concept of opinions and only base things on facts. Due to this, I am studying to become a Sociologist or a scientist of society. I see passion as the only road to anything worth while.

Last updated November 06, 2013