Blind man and his son

There was once a poor blind man
Who had only one son
Like whom in beauty there was none

Face so fair
Pink cheeks ,tender skin
Jet black hair,
Curious eyes ,lovely smile
Playful ,free of care

The poor man took his son along
When he went to beg alms
The cute son went with his father calm.
When the people saw the two
They gave him money and sweets too.
Said they “how extraordinary is your son
Like him we have seen none!”
The boy was happy with so many sweets
That he got all day
Till he looked at his father in tears,
Innocently asked “why do you cry ?”
The father replied with a sigh
“How beautiful and lovely ,
Is your boy!
they all say
all day,everyday
My son! how I wish I..
yes i too ,
could see you.

Azam Siddiqui

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Last updated May 25, 2013