Seems you know me,more than me

Someone said
"It seems you know me more than me
in me everything you see
is it that you can see somewhere far beyond
am i a messenger for you
or you a prophet for me.

It seems you know me more than me
as I melt in your presence
as wax near the flame
or is it wax that burns the flame
am i your essence
and you the flame for me

through you i feel God's love
through you i feel life
through you i see what i cant see
through you i try to know
what is good for me
It seems you know me more than me

the tears hidden in your eyes
swell up in my heart
making me ask
when i am here for you
why am i here for you
what is it you fear for me.
is it something you see
or you know,tell me
Who has told you about me

Unable to understand you
nor can see what you see
but can feel boundless love for you
as you feel for me
Whose Love is this
tell me ,
do you feel i cannot feel
but only understand
you don't understand
but i feel you know me

looking beyond this world
where have you set your sight
what do you see
looking beyond me..
is there a storm brewing on the horizon
or is it within you
and me."

Azam Siddiqui

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Last updated June 01, 2013