Lost love is Never Lost

You had a beautiful voice
when you spake through the eyes
a caged bird yearning to touch the skies
and my condition was the same
yet my eyelids were the curtains of shame
and they shall always be
they make me ,me
and let your beauty remain
you held me from inside
from great depths
you took me to the heights
all storms calmed
when you made me feel alright
gates of my heart had been
guarded with heavy locks
you came in
a sweet water spring
washing the hardness off the rock
with God fearing caution
looking out looking within
so skimmed seagulls
the surface of love’s potion
despite everything a notion
of having lost
what was mine
what could be yours
what is the cause
in corridors of love yesterday
we knew never again
shall we walk this way
so near yet so far
so far yet so close
coming out from separate doors
into love’s common corridor

When come the drizzling rains
Thunder draws tears of emotion
You a river, flow in the distant plans
Storms rage in the depths of an ocean
two lonely ships
met this way one day
now in the vast sea
moving away
On the road of hope that ends nowhere
I wander hoping to find you there
At each bend the empty road weeps
Come find her here, sweetly says sleep.
This feeling learns slowly to be
The swishing wind
In the heart of a walled country
And when it blows
Only God knows
What it does
To my heart and me.
Silk drapes fluttering
in a dry hedge of thorn
so is sweet memory
to a heart lovelorn
the light of love
with the scent of the One
who created light and love
and brings the morning bright
after each seemingly endless night
Give Him a corner in your soul
And the Sublime truth shall flow to us as subtly
as poetry flows through reality into eternity

Azam Siddiqui

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Last updated May 15, 2013