Strand Beast

by Barbara Duffey

Barbara Duffey

—after Theo Jansen

The wolves bind my belly-cast, my body
a fox-draw, primitive milkground.

The green-eyed ocean had its run
of my skeleton, trumpeted

up any salient sorrow,
until the dog-girl lunged out spring.

Then I was three strangers. I was
wire in the skin, I was put

out of number. I moved a little
like water. I came back to my

Tinder Box Poetry

Barbara Duffey's picture

Duffey, assistant professor of English at Dakota Wesleyan University in Mitchell where she teaches creative writing, composition and literature courses, has written poetry for almost 25 years, since her fifth-grade instructor told the class to write similes., “He also had us write Mother’s Day poems to our mothers, ” Duffey said. “I actually think my mother still has the poem I wrote for her, Mother’s Day 1991. My parents were always supportive of my writing.”

Last updated December 24, 2014