Mocking Bird

by Barbara J Laing

Barbara J Laing

Oh, poor, innocent captive bird
How my heart aches for thee -
How I wish thou couldst spread thy wings
And, in thy innocence, fly free!

O’er woods and meadows, lakes and fells
Singing out thy joyous song -
To be imprisoned in this way
Is so hideous and wrong.

Maybe, little plaintive bird,
Whence from Life thou hast passed away,
O’er Elysian fields shalt thy spirit soar
And, in freedom, fly each day

Sailing upon the buoyant winds -
Gently buffeting thy frame
Wherein soft whispers shall be heard
Of Angels calling thee by name

Until such time sweet, gentle bird,
Fate has deemed thee thy time to spend
Behind these bars that mock thy wings
From dawn ‘til twilight’s end.

Barbara J Laing

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Published writer of inspirational words for the greeting card publishers since 1999. Barbara J Laing lives in Wirral, Cheshire UK. Many times between writing for the greeting cards, I often write deeply spiritual and inspirational words. I don't really know how I come to write them as they just form in my mind. I feel that this is indeed a gift from the Universe for which I give thanks every day as they have helped many people who are going through Life's trials. You may contact her at Tel:- 0044 ( 0)151 678 8081

Last updated April 30, 2015