by Brian Taylor

Meanwhile I have been:

cutting back brambles
where they clutch at the passing skin;

watching a golden sun
failing to find a cloud to hide within;

seeing your face
forgetting to be tired
and shining out across the decades
then hesitating,
(a tight-rope walker above Niagara);

walking in the Druids’ Grove
among ancient oaks in the cool of the day;

sitting in the French Gardens
as evening fades into mothlight
and the magnolia shines
and the last of the visitors
has long since gone.

I have been
I am.


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Brian Taylor is a poet and philosopher presently living in Cornwall, England and the Far East., Website:, Poetry works include:, BLINDNESS KINDNESS (1968), GOING OUT THERE IS NO OTHER (1995), COMING BACK THERE IS NO TRACE (2005), BLONDIN (2006), BAMBOO LEAVES (2007), OXFORD POEMS (2008), GNOMONIC VERSES (2015)

Last updated June 21, 2014