The Great San Bernardino Pitch Party

by Callie Garnett

Callie Garnett

“I’m interested in feminist oratory,” we think
Jess should say
“Specifically that.”

Yellow-breasted engine sounds on the
Joshua tree
Joshua tree mid-shimmy

I think every bird is mad
at me. Does that make me
an alcoholic?

Let’s take a break, after
the great San Bernardino sculpture party

sparkling toilet pieces lay tiled into
the pavilion,
silver flushers too.

TV piles. I am
uneasy. So what?
No match for the always sand and always

Air. I find a pair of leather pants
Hanging in a hut & touch them.
Definitely not leather.

I can see the sunscreen on your face
not rubbed in,
rivulets wet

the under-chin. Let’s get this next pitch
right, guys,
decades left of percolation.

Last updated November 07, 2022