A Jazz Poem

by Constantin Severin

- a solo nijuin renku -

English version by Liviu Martinescu

entrance to an underground
crowds in winter's clouds
and an atomic clock to boot

the first snowflakes on
the punching bag in the yard

the jazz poem
the town is creeping into
the golden scale

enormous through teardrops
the whitewashed houses

symphonic white
out of scores of thunderbolts
some leaves on the moon

"and thus she sleeps awake
long after she's got up"

the motorcycle
that's carrying them entwined
is curbing the hour

raceless race-course
the loneliness of no-horses

the streets sweat out
in the glove of speed
no time for tomorow

seven doves go clink
against the rosetta of the cathedral

the pollen at night
migrates into saints' bodies
as well as violins

the lark's feathers
made iridescent by the moonshine

circling the deserted
merry-go-rounds the glider
a whirl of silences

only balmy tree-branches
breeze here not whispers

each body
leaks out its own time
two abysses

dark rails
pulsating under streetcars

yellow saxophone
toward the super-yellow sky
it's me in there in the sound

the concert eroticized
new swallow nests

the raw soil blooming
among cherrytrees
beyond the wall

in the shadow of the piano
the spring bread

Constantin Severin, 1995

Constantin Severin's picture

Constantin Severin was born on the 8th of February 1952, in Baia de Arama, Romania., He is a writer, member of the Romanian Writers’ Union, represented by Your Agent Agency, Oslo and a visual artist, member of the International Art Group, 3rd Paradigm., He is the theorist and promoter of archetypal expressionism and of post –literature. Honorary citizen of his birthtown, Baia de Aramă, Mehedinţi, Romania, in May 2011., Poetry Works:, ‘’The Sunday of Things Real” (poetry), Junimea Publishing House, Iasi, Romania, 1984;, ”Wall and Neutrino” (poetry, bilingual edition-Romanian/English, translated by Liviu Martinescu), Vlasie Publishing House, Pitesti, Romania, 1994; the poem won The Bucovina Cultural Foundation Award;, ”Wall and Neutrino. The Poet in New York”, Minerva Publishing House, London, 1997; translation by Liviu Martinescu;, ”Improvisations on armonic key” (poetry), Axa Publishing House, Botosani, Romania, 1998;, ”The Axolotl” (poetry), Masina de Scris Publishing House, Bucharest, 1998; the first renga (renku) book in the Romanian literature, bilingual edition-Romanian/English, translation by Liviu Martinescu; the Bucovina Cultural Foundation Prize, 1999;, ”The Alchemical City” (selected poems), Dacia Publishing House, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 2002; the Bucovina Cultural Foundation Prize, 2003;, ”Improvisations on armonic key” (poetry, Opera Omnia), Tipo Moldova publishing house, Iasi, 2011. More info:, http://constantinseverin.wordpress.com/

Last updated September 25, 2011