Love comes like rain

by Zaklina (Jacqueline) Filipova- Svekjarovska

Condensed in a cloud of sighs and thirst

love always comes like rain ...

There are hearts dense as rainforest:

their love is a summer flood,

strong, powerful storm that tears heaven,

and after-hour, not a trace of cloud!,

only dew drops and the shine

in the eyes of the lodged grasses

testify that there was gone

high water ...

Some hearts are bare and sandy,

vast as the desert, but-dry!

Hard, grain by grain ,

they will collect that much rain

just enough to make cactuses

to flourish for a moment ...

Love live longest onto the top

of the high mountains, forever embraced

from the clouds of condensed breathing

of the lavishly trees


love knows

to be a storm and heavy,

sometime summer dew,

but never


Zaklina Filipova- Svekjarovska's picture

Born in Prilep, Macedonia, 1973. Graduated to the Philological Faculty of the University "St. Cyril and Methodius" in Skopje 1996. She works as a teacher of literature in high school. She is author of the poetry book "Endless mirror." The book was awarded with the gold medal in the competition for poetry "Karamanov" in 2010.

Last updated September 16, 2011