Wild Strawberries

by Constantin Severin

- a solo nijuin renku -

English version by Liviu Martinescu

springing up from among poppies
a swallow is cutting
my deck of cards

a pollen grain
hovering in the church

branches enveloping
a rope ladder
piece of wood made of light

out of seventy sacred
names the tower

the moon or the leaf
a leap reverberation of the abyss
down in the rock of the self

only two silhouettes
in the hoarfrost altar

birches in autumn
her face muscles in her sleep
twich my way

in diaphanous veins
blood rustling full of creatures

red drops
on the parchment latern
the black lemontree

out of old ogives I pluck
the secret axis of the ray

a dancing couple
in flight how snowflakes preserve
shape and rhythm

the moon bursting couples forth in bloom
in the ice looking-glass

town emboied
by saints' bones
the wild strawberries

in embers I fail to find
the core of blazes

for a split-second the day
likewise the night breathes in
your profile in flames

I undo waves knots
in your golden hair

book after book
they cover your face
worn through by an infinite sentence

through the vellum paper
I feel the breeze of spring

seven snowdrops
on the hot guitar
I play for you

in the white of the May flower
I'm seeking the starred chorus

Constantin Severin, 1995

Constantin Severin's picture

Constantin Severin was born on the 8th of February 1952, in Baia de Arama, Romania., He is a writer, member of the Romanian Writers’ Union, represented by Your Agent Agency, Oslo and a visual artist, member of the International Art Group, 3rd Paradigm., He is the theorist and promoter of archetypal expressionism and of post –literature. Honorary citizen of his birthtown, Baia de Aramă, Mehedinţi, Romania, in May 2011., Poetry Works:, ‘’The Sunday of Things Real” (poetry), Junimea Publishing House, Iasi, Romania, 1984;, ”Wall and Neutrino” (poetry, bilingual edition-Romanian/English, translated by Liviu Martinescu), Vlasie Publishing House, Pitesti, Romania, 1994; the poem won The Bucovina Cultural Foundation Award;, ”Wall and Neutrino. The Poet in New York”, Minerva Publishing House, London, 1997; translation by Liviu Martinescu;, ”Improvisations on armonic key” (poetry), Axa Publishing House, Botosani, Romania, 1998;, ”The Axolotl” (poetry), Masina de Scris Publishing House, Bucharest, 1998; the first renga (renku) book in the Romanian literature, bilingual edition-Romanian/English, translation by Liviu Martinescu; the Bucovina Cultural Foundation Prize, 1999;, ”The Alchemical City” (selected poems), Dacia Publishing House, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 2002; the Bucovina Cultural Foundation Prize, 2003;, ”Improvisations on armonic key” (poetry, Opera Omnia), Tipo Moldova publishing house, Iasi, 2011. More info:, http://constantinseverin.wordpress.com/

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