Freedom, To Be Continued

by Don Lambo

Don Lambo

The soul’s right to breathe-
but my lungs are constrained
by a strap they say
might save my life,
so I have to wear it
or else

I always share my writing;
even a stranger who sees
her love letters
through an x-ray
could become a fan-
albeit too personally

The debauchery of a 17 year old
craving a cigarette; even though
he can’t till next year
I often marched in, defiant,
and bought a pack, or tried

For every teacher stripped defenseless;
forced to pit pleas
against ammunition,
whose words spoken
were then wasted; while the third party
slinked behind the scenes, again

Admiring the charitable,
Freedom of charity shouldn’t
be a luxury; it’s a liberty
How mistrusted must I be
to oblige their charities
or else

Don Lambo

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I attended boarding school in New Hampshire. Next year I will be attending Harvard University in the class of 2017. Writing is a passion of mine that I take (relatively) seriously and I hope to expand my literary skills in the coming years. Follow me on twitter @LexicalGenius or visit my blog:

Last updated January 21, 2013