I Would Argue for Art

by Don Lambo

Don Lambo

I would argue for art
testify for Michelangelo because,
I’ve visited his Sistine Chapel masterpiece
By the oath I’ve taken, it was indeed
of unparalleled magnificence,
clearly fashioned by the epitome
of artistic brilliance
I will submit for history’s court;
I witnessed splendor

But I would contend any question
of Shakespeare’s cross;
enraged, on the verge of contempt,
but clarified I would stand from the chair
and declare beyond reasonable doubt,
having born witness on many occasions
to his (and their) Greatness,
that words will never flake or chip,
and their legacy is branded in this very court

Don Lambo

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I attended boarding school in New Hampshire. Next year I will be attending Harvard University in the class of 2017. Writing is a passion of mine that I take (relatively) seriously and I hope to expand my literary skills in the coming years. Follow me on twitter @LexicalGenius or visit my blog: lexicalgenius.blogspot.com

Last updated January 21, 2013