I Used to Be a Witch

by Dorothea Lasky

Dorothea Lasky

I used to light the candles in the hallway and say your name
Say it was what it was supposed to be
Say love me love mel used to say love me
I used to wear a long black coat
And swab my staff at everything
l used to sing and sing and it was for nobody
Except the ghouls who peered at me from under the bed
I used to kill offthe dead
Until they were my lovers
I used to pin the legs above the head
Until l could have my way with the dead
I used to take your spirit out and put it my pocket
And ride a horse that did not exist
I used to go in, with a dark cat
And mix a thousand herbs together
But it was the new year
And the cats, instead of keeping still
Wanting to cry into the morning
Used to sit alone, I used to bea witch
Then you came along
Iused to be only what the nighttime knew
But now you're the witch, little thing
And on a golden broom, I've sent you flying
Through the stars
And the moon
The people will now look ot you
And this time
The spell will only be
For living

Last updated March 09, 2023