The Ballroom

by Earl F Spangler

Fit in a Tux
I was alone yet had my eyes for only one
The floor was full of Gents and Gals
The music was divine
The chandeliers sparkling
Walking around not to mess anyone’s dance
I sought out a fine lady
Her dress a tan gown fitting her way to well
I once asked for a “Moment”
Tonight I would be honored if the “Moment”
Could be a single “Dance”
A dance and a chance
To hold her hand
To put my hand on her back
Her arm around my shoulder
As we danced to the music under the light
As she whispered her dreams and hopes in my ear
As she rest her head on my shoulder and we danced and danced and danced
I knew the dance would be short
A date, an admirer, perhaps a father
Would tap me on the shoulder
Wanting also to Dance with the Lovely “ERIN”
Who could blame them or I
As I slowly let go
Walking to the sidelines and watching as someone slowly whisked her a

Earl F Spangler

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Poet Of many years., Writing has gone from Symbolic to Sad to Romantic to Erotic., Currently in Community College of Baltimore County., Plan to Self-Publish soon.

Last updated October 24, 2014