A Suggestion

by Edgar Albert Guest

Edgar Albert Guest

IF you've grumbled through the day
Without driving care away,
If in spite of all your grouches
Troubles on you have kept piling;
If regardless of your kicking
And your cussing, they're still sticking,
Why not switch your tactics, mister,
And try smiling?
If your frowning will not chase 'em,
Why not grin a bit, and face 'em?
If your worries seem to like it
When your meanness they are riling;
If your gloomy disposition
Doesn't better your condition,
Why not switch your methods, mister,
And try smiling?
If your constant whining, swearing,
Do not better your wayfaring;
If you find your foes no kinder
After them you've been reviling;
If they keep right on assailing,
Quite regardless of your wailing,
Why not switch your style of warfare
And try smiling?

Last updated January 14, 2019