by Edgar Albert Guest

Edgar Albert Guest

I TAKE it as I go along
That life must have its gloom,
That now and then the sound of song
Must fade from every room;
That every heart must know its woe,
Each door death's sable sign,
Care falls to every one, and so
I strive to bear with mine.
Misfortune is a part of life;
No one who journeys here
Can dodge the bitterness of strife
Or pass without a tear.
Love paves the way for us to mourn,
Our pleasures breed regret,
One day a sparkling joy is born,
The next-our eyes are wet.
Each life is tinctured with the pain
Of sorrow and of care,
As now and then come clouds and rain,
Come hours of despair.
And yet the sunshine bursts anew,
And those who weep shall smile,
For joy is always breaking through
In just a little while.

Last updated January 14, 2019