by Edgar Albert Guest

Edgar Albert Guest

BLUE skies mighty temptin', an' the sunbeams coaxin', too,
An' my wo'k is gettin' harder ebery day;
Ain't a-takin' any int'rest in de things I has t' do,
Jes' sittin' heah an' wishin' time away.
Jes' a-wishin' fo' de fishin'
An' de wet line gayly swishin'
As I fling it t' de middle o' de stream,
An' I let it drif' and dribble,
Till I feel de pick'rel nibble,
Dat 's de burden o' my everlastin' dream.
Dere is some folks call it hook worm, an' dere's others say dat I
Am jes' nacherly inclined t' laziness;
An' I aint a-goin' t' quarrel or dispute or argufy,
It's de fishin'-hunger 's got me though, I guess.
Jes' de fishin'-hunger schemin'
An' a-keepin' of me dreamin'
An' a-lurin' me out yonder t' de bay
Where de pick'rel am playin'
An' de willow trees am swayin',
It's de fishin'-hunger makes me act dis way.

Last updated January 14, 2019