Little Girl

by Edgar Albert Guest

Edgar Albert Guest

WHAT'S a book, compared to you,
Little girl?
There's no story half so true,
Little girl;
Come now, clamber on my knee,
You bring more of love to me
Than my whole great library,
Little girl.
Yes, I came in here to read,
Little girl;
But a book I do not need,
Little girl;
All the printed line could tell,
You impart with magic spell,
Love and laughter with you dwell,
Little girl.
I would be a churlish dad,
Little girl,
If for you no time I had,
Little girl;
Clamber on my knee tonight,
You can give me more delight
Than the books that great men write,
Little girl.
You 're a volume full of love,
Little girl, Published up in Heaven above,
Little girl;
Every word of yours rings true,
Sweet the little deeds you do,
I shall never tire of you,
Little girl.

Last updated January 14, 2019