The New Year's Caller

by Edgar Albert Guest

Edgar Albert Guest

COME, open your door, there's a friend waiting near
Who is eager to wish you a Happy New Year;
He rings at the bell and he's ready to shout:
"The New Year is in and the old year is out;
And long may you prosper and long may you smile,
May happiness dwell with you all the while."
Come, run to the door! There's a friend waiting there,
Go bid him to enter, and draw up his chair;
Come, fill up his wine glass and pass him the cake,
For fewer and fewer are calls that friends make;
Come, shout in reply to his message of cheer:
"Long life to you, friend, and a Happy New Year!"
"A Happy New Year and a wealth of success,
May love and prosperity never grow less;
May each year that follows be happier, too,
May Time and Grim Sorrow deal gently with you."
Come, run to your door! There's a friend waiting there,
Invite him to enter and draw up a chair.
Come, open your heart! There's a friend waiting near
Who is eager to share in your sorrow and cheer;
He longs for your friendship, and fain would he win
The way to your heart. Will you not let him in?
He knocks at the door. Would you send him away
Or greet him with love and implore him to stay?

Last updated January 14, 2019