Lord, rest me not…!

by Fahredin Shehu

The malice human
Injects hatred, and
My body full of strength;
The heart blessed with patience,
Conjoin the pace.

I have yet a work to do;
To heal the maladies through
My soul; crystallized in a word
You read; the pity one!

I have yet a prayer to perform;
To light the niche in your heart,
As dark as zircon,
With the blessed oil of Galilee
Of my realm

Lord, rest me not…

I have yet to sleep
For the enemy while he strives
To make a hole in the waterfall;
And the Spirit beside
With the shade-making wings
He stretches; while I read
The scriptures of the martyrs
For the better human

Lord, rest me not…

As I heal with Love and
Meticulously hide this as;
What the Human calls the “Sin”
And the Soul beside
As fresh- shaded tree of eternal;
Where the lips
Meet the forehead and
Sparks another star
For the unborn

Lord, rest me not…

As I want to teach
What beautiful creature You made
And the “I” beside; the ray- spreading
Shows the value of Gratitude
For the mislead.

Lord, rest me not…

Today is my wedding
With your Attributes
The unison we shall rejoice
for eternity and a day more.


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Born in Rahovec, South East of Kosova, in 1972. graduated at Prishtina University, Oriental Studies. M.A. in Literature., Published books:, • NUN- collection of mystical poems, 1996 author’s edition, • INVISIBLE PLURALITY- Poetical prose, 2000, author’s edition, • NEKTARINA- Novel, Transcendental Epic, 2004, publishing House, Rozafa Prishtinë- project of Ministry of Culture Sport and Youth of Kosova, • ELEMENTAL 99- Short poetical mystical stories, 2006, Center for positive thinking, Prishinë, • KUN- collection of transcendental lyrics, 2007, Publishing House LOGOS-A, Skopje, Macedonia, • Dismantle of hate, E-book 2010, Ronin Press, London, • Crystaline Echoes, Poetry, Hard copy and e-book 2011, Corpos Editora-Portugal, Translated in English, French, Italian, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Macedonian, Roma, Swedish, Turkish, Arabic, Romanian, Persian, Ambassador of Poets to Albania by Poetas del Mundo, Santiago de Chile, Member of World Poets Association

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