Primordial “I”

by Fahredin Shehu

19 layers of textile’s mist have folded the “I”
Watching from the distance
It looks bizarrely captured
We are in exile
With love intoxicated

Humanity shall see the rainbow
We emit from all “I- s”
The primordial “I” emerged amidst the crowd of human
To articulate love
Infra mezzo and ultra visible
With the velocity of the most knowledgeable Angel
The sages named NUN and rejoice the eternity and
A day after
To transfer wisdom for the Thirsty Souls
We are the thirsty souls and
We approach humbly
The icy jet of the eternal spring


Fahredin Shehu's picture

Born in Rahovec, South East of Kosova, in 1972. graduated at Prishtina University, Oriental Studies. M.A. in Literature., Published books:, • NUN- collection of mystical poems, 1996 author’s edition, • INVISIBLE PLURALITY- Poetical prose, 2000, author’s edition, • NEKTARINA- Novel, Transcendental Epic, 2004, publishing House, Rozafa Prishtinë- project of Ministry of Culture Sport and Youth of Kosova, • ELEMENTAL 99- Short poetical mystical stories, 2006, Center for positive thinking, Prishinë, • KUN- collection of transcendental lyrics, 2007, Publishing House LOGOS-A, Skopje, Macedonia, • Dismantle of hate, E-book 2010, Ronin Press, London, • Crystaline Echoes, Poetry, Hard copy and e-book 2011, Corpos Editora-Portugal, Translated in English, French, Italian, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Macedonian, Roma, Swedish, Turkish, Arabic, Romanian, Persian, Ambassador of Poets to Albania by Poetas del Mundo, Santiago de Chile, Member of World Poets Association

Last updated November 09, 2011