The latent “I”

by Fahredin Shehu

Spleen was now loaded
Heavily as vineyard full of not harvested grape
I pity the nation that does not press its own grape

All plasmatic beings elegantly approached to burn
The head and the tail of the serpent
The latent “I” buried under the shade of the golden fig and
The drops of the pomegranate’s juice
In vain tempted to cure all wounds of the turbulence “Past”-s and
Aloe, balm and the royal jelly turbulence “Now”-s
While in seclusion yet the latent “I” bears Love
Since it shall write for the upcoming prophet
He writes since he believes in miracle
By each lovely word he utters
The gate opens the “All” may hear heavenly shriek and
The distance shortens
To kiss the epithelium of the heart and
By each word he utters
A prejudice dismantles in one blast
To see the rainbow from the burnt of its particles and
All the black holes queued in the cosmic cord
To make the necklace for Sophia eternal
The bride of the eternal groom
That embraces the Seen the Semi- Seen and the Unseen.


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Born in Rahovec, South East of Kosova, in 1972. graduated at Prishtina University, Oriental Studies. M.A. in Literature., Published books:, • NUN- collection of mystical poems, 1996 author’s edition, • INVISIBLE PLURALITY- Poetical prose, 2000, author’s edition, • NEKTARINA- Novel, Transcendental Epic, 2004, publishing House, Rozafa Prishtinë- project of Ministry of Culture Sport and Youth of Kosova, • ELEMENTAL 99- Short poetical mystical stories, 2006, Center for positive thinking, Prishinë, • KUN- collection of transcendental lyrics, 2007, Publishing House LOGOS-A, Skopje, Macedonia, • Dismantle of hate, E-book 2010, Ronin Press, London, • Crystaline Echoes, Poetry, Hard copy and e-book 2011, Corpos Editora-Portugal, Translated in English, French, Italian, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Macedonian, Roma, Swedish, Turkish, Arabic, Romanian, Persian, Ambassador of Poets to Albania by Poetas del Mundo, Santiago de Chile, Member of World Poets Association

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