A Woman Of Words

by Faith Elizabeth Brigham

i am a woman
of words and
though you can not
hear me speak them
you can listen to
my writer's voice
and know that
this is me speaking
that my words spring
from my heart

i am a woman
who thinks much
and cares deeply
for all mankind
one who fights
for justice and peace
who places a high value
on life itself

some have mistaken
my meekness
for weakness
for they lack
an understanding
of the components
of true strength

i have been wounded
and yet i have survived
and overcome
many obstacles
i have
through God's grace
come a long way
from where i've been

Faith Elizabeth Brigham's picture

American poet and writer whose work has been published both on and off line. Poet is included in the International Who's Who in Poetry and World Who's Who. She has performed poetry readings in Florida.

Last updated January 14, 2012