Eulogy For Winston

by Faith Elizabeth Brigham

he had natural good taste
enjoying the finer things
in life while he was alive
he was a fine man with dignity
a nobleman of sorts
courageous and good-natured

his passing on at such a young age
tore my heart right from my chest
i recall the doctor saying his was
the worst case of epilepsy
he'd ever seen for nothing
could contol the seizures

he had a short life but
we loved him and saluted him
crying all the while
as we laid him in the cold dark ground
'so long captain winston
may you rest in peace
now that you've gone to where
all good dogs have gone'

Alley Cat Magazine

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American poet and writer whose work has been published both on and off line. Poet is included in the International Who's Who in Poetry and World Who's Who. She has performed poetry readings in Florida.

Last updated February 02, 2012