by Faith Elizabeth Brigham

ah, there is such beauty
in Lady's soft sweet eyes
i swear God take me if it isn't so
i see in them a bit of heaven
a fleeting glimpse of you

but God if there's no heaven
(although i doubt that this could be)
then let me go where Lady goes
when her days on earth are through

it's true i've loved her more than most
of the people i have known
but she's been more true than
my truest friend and
a comfort through the years

i never dreamed a dog could be
all that she's meant to me
so, i pray dear God
take everything from me
but leave me my sweet Lady

her fur is still so soft to the touch
though she's getting on in years
she's aged so well no one can tell
she's lived a dozen years

ah, Lady's given me such pleasure
i can't imagine us apart
so dear Lord the day that
you must take her will be
the day that my heart breaks

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American poet and writer whose work has been published both on and off line. Poet is included in the International Who's Who in Poetry and World Who's Who. She has performed poetry readings in Florida.

Last updated October 13, 2011