by Faith Elizabeth Brigham

there are no words
i can say that could ever
express the depth on my pain
rendered speechless by
your abrupt departure
you left me at the precise
moment i needed you the most
your cutting remarks wounding
me as never before

you will not witness
the endless flow of tears
or know what hunger
left me wanting just your touch
or a bit of understanding
the kind most lovers
take for granted day by day

you, who i have waited for
six long years hanging on
in the hope that just once
you would level with me

instead of making promises
you never planned to keep
so much for long-distance romances
that leave you speechless
when they reach the bitter end

Published on-line at " Love Poems Quotes And Songs" on "International Womens Day 2005"

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American poet and writer whose work has been published both on and off line. Poet is included in the International Who's Who in Poetry and World Who's Who. She has performed poetry readings in Florida.

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