by Bradley Thoma

My situation did not look that serious
That it required input from my father
But that never stopped him from putting a word or two in
When it looked like I did not understand what I was doing
The results did panned out in the long run
Taking risks was always an option with me
It was never his and he never took them.
He vehemently objected to it when I took them
His one line in the sand though was disobedience
There were no workouts, earn-outs, or apologies I could do
He gave no immediate forgiveness when I made a correction
When an opinion sounded like the law of God and I didn’t do it,
The gates of hell opened on me
But I never held ill will against it. I knew him.
In the long run his rage proved to be his way of saving me
From a process that would not work.
From those roots I walk as my father’s son.
I work hard for a well thought out process of living
When I take the risks I still hear him
…and think again.

Bradley Thomas

BRADLEY THOMAS’s work has appeared on the poetry ezine website Subtle Tea, the Black Hills Audubon Society website and in other anthologies. He is currently published in the anthology books “Whispers of Inspiration” and "The Colors of Life"., He has also written short stories, teleplays, and feature film screenplays.

Last updated October 27, 2015