La conversazione

Allora parlarono i petali
sparsi a scandaglio sul grembo nero
Terra di sciolta speranza ai miserabili resti
del mondo
come ali divergenti ai suoni incompiuti
Spezza la linfa ingordigia crudele
Mi sento appassire e cadere nei suoni
placati dal vento
Miriade d’occhi affamati sul petto di Dio
e ancora le trine di santi e bambini
invocare le stelle in un cielo di nubi
assalite e contorte
ove nessun giorno che passa ritorna in piedi
Semmai resiste
accanto alla debole eco d’un
fiato piovuto
In Cielo, le nubi
Tra i fiori, un Mistero

The conversation (English version translated by Federica Galetto)

So talked the spread petals
sounding on the black womb
Earth of melted hope to the
miserable rests of the world
like divergent wings to the incomplete sounds
Break the lifeblood a cruel greed
I feel myself decaying and falling
to the sounds calmed down by the wind
A myriad of starving eyes on God’s chest
And still saints’ and children’s laces
crying out for stars in a cloudy sky
assaulted and twisted
where no passing day stands up again
If ever resists
Next to the weak echo of a rained breath
Clouds in the sky
Among the flowers, a Mystery

Federica Galetto's picture

I was born in Turin (Italy) in 1964. I actually live in the countryside, in a small village. In 1993 I first had my short story “La stanza di Giulia” collected in an anthology and published by Mondadori. I actually write mostly poetry . My poems have been published in many anthologies and reviews in Italy and abroad, in many literary sites and blogs on the web. I write a literary blog where I publish Italian and foreign authors. I personally translate from English to Italian. At the end of July 2010 my first book of poems has been published: “Scorrono le cose controvento” – 2010 Lietocolle Editore. In 2011 I had my book of poems in English published: “Ode from a nightingale” - Masque Publishing.

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