Can You Tell Me?

Fenton Johnson

Can you tell me where my lover lies, —
Where my thrice-kissed darling lover lies?
Down in Cuba, under starlit skies,
Where the ocean zephyr softly sighs,
And the palm leaves drink the pale moonshine, —
Sleeps in shroud of blue, your dear ensign, —
Sleeps for aye and aye your fond ensign.

Can you tell me if my lover sighs, —
If for me my darling lover sighs?
In his dreams — his sweet death-dreams — his eyes
Wander down to where a maiden's cries
Rend the stillness of the ancient night,
And he longs to be by Cora's side, —
Longs to be by lovesick Cora's side?

Last updated September 21, 2022