The Canterbury Tales

by Geoffrey Chaucer

Geoffrey Chaucer

Fragment 1
Prologue GP The General Prologue
Tale KnT The Knight's Tale
Prologue MilP The Miller's Prologue
Tale MilT The Miller's Tale
Prologue RvP The Reeve's Prologue
Tale RvT The Reeve's Tale
Prologue CkP The Cook's Prologue
Tale CkT The Cook's Tale
Fragment 2 *
Introduction MLT The Introduction to the Man of Law's Tale
Prologue MLP The Man of Law's Prologue
Tale MLT The Man of Law's Tale
Epilogue MLT The Man of Law's Epilogue
*Fragment 3
Prologue WBP The Wife of Bath's Prologue
Tale WBT The Wife of Bath's Tale
Prologue FrP The Friar's Prologue
Tale FrT The Friar's Tale
Prologue SumP The Summoner's Prologue
Tale SumT The Summoner's Tale
Fragment 4 *
Prologue ClP The Clerk's Prologue
Tale ClT The Clerk's Tale
Prologue MerP The Merchant's Prologue
Tale MerT The Merchant's Tale
Epilogue MerT The Merchant's Epilogue
*Fragment 5
Prologue SqP The Squire's Prologue
Tale SqT The Squire's Tale
Prologue FranP The Franklin's words to the Squire
Prologue FranP The Franklin's Prologue
Tale FranT The Franklin's Tale
Fragment 6 *
Tale PhyT The Physician's Tale
Introduction PardT The Introduction to the Pardoner's Tale
Prologue PardP The Pardoner's Prologue
Tale PardT The Pardoner's Tale
*Fragment 7 *
Tale ShipT The Shipman's Tale
SubSection The Words of the Host to the Prioress
Prologue PrP The Prioress' Prologue
Tale PrT The Prioress' Tale
Prologue ThopP The Prologue to the Tale of Sir Thopas
Tale Thop The Tale of Sir Thopas
SubSection The Host's Interruption of the Tale of Sir Thopas
Tale Mel The Tale of Melibee
Prologue MkP The Monk's Prologue
Tale MkT The Monk's Tale
Prologue NPP The Knight's Interruption of the Monk's Tale
Tale NPT The Nun's Priest's Tale
Epilogue NPT The Epilogue of the Nun's Priest's Tale
*Fragment 8 *
Prologue SNP The Second Nun's Prologue
Tale SNT The Second Nun's Tale
Prologue CYP The Canon Yeoman's Prologue
Tale CYT The Canon Yeoman's Tale
*Fragment 9 *
Prologue MancP The Manciple's Prologue
Tale MancT The Manciple's Tale
*Fragment 10
Prologue ParsP The Parson's Prologue
Tale ParsT The Parson's Tale
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