Dard Minnat_kash-e-dawa Na Huaa


maiN na achchaa huaa, bura na huaa
jama'a karate ho kyoN raqeeboN ka ?
iktamaashahuaagila nahuaa
ham kahaaN qismat aazmaane jaayaiN ?
too hee jab KHanjar aazmana huaa
kitne sheereeN haiN tere lab ! ki raqeeb
haiKHabar garmunkeaane kee
aaj hee ghar meiN boriya na huaa !
kya woh namrood kee KHudaaee thee
bandagee meiN tera bhalana huaa
jaan dee, deehuee useeki thee
haq to ye hai ke haq adaa na huaa
zaKHm gar dab gaya, lahoo na thama
kaamgarrukgayarawanah huaa
rahzanee haiki dil_sitaaneehai ?
leke dil, dil_sitaaNrawanah huaa
kuchch to paDhiye ki log kehte haiN
"aaj'GHalib'GHazalsara nahuaa"
pain did not become grateful to medicine
I didn't get well; [but it] wasn't bad either
why are you gathering the Rivals?
[It was just] a mere spectacle [that] took place, no complaint was made
where would we go to test our fate/ destiny?
when you yourself did not put your dagger to test
How sweet are your lips, that the rival
[after] receiving abuse, did not lack pleasure
Recent/ hot news is that she is coming
Only today, in the house there was not a straw mat!
Does the divinity belonged to Namrood'?
[cause] in your servitude, my wellbeing did not happen
[God] gave life-- the given [life] was His alone
the truth is; that the responsibility was not fulfilled [by us]
if the wound was pressed, the blood did not stop
[though] the task was halted, [but the bleeding still]set out
Is it highway robbery, or is it heart-theft?
having taken the heart, the heart-thief set out [to depart]
recite something, for people are saying
today "Ghalib" was not a ghazal-reciter

Last updated January 14, 2019