A Crack in the wall

A crack in the wall, despite thick coat
Lean tepid river of thick blood
The skin of the night, look at me well
Not knowing, the ultimate, long nail.

Grief, pain, anxiety of life,
Nothing, in this form, you have felt
Anger, tears and all that you strive
Waiting upside down, it’s there.

Sleeping without dream, a curse
A heaving sigh, measureless joy
See things, dig inside with the stuffs
Breathe out with the soot of the lamp.

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Gopal Lahiri was born in 6th December, 1957 in Calcutta, India. He has been writing poetry for more than twenty five years. He writes both in English and Bengali (mother tongue).He also occasionally writes fiction, short story, essay, articles on current affairs and scientific interest and does translation work. He is an earth scientist and currently lives in the coastal state of Gujarat, India., He has had five poetry collections in Bengali published from India and four collections in English published from Lulu, USA. His literary works appeared in several print (notably in Indian Literature, Taj Mahal Review and Illuminations) and electronic publications (Arts and Letters, Underground Window, Muse India, Poetry Stop, Debug) worldwide and his poems published in anthologies (National Treasures, Concerto, and The Silence Within) printed in India and abroad. He is a regular contributor of poems in several poetry web sites., Some of his websites are mentioned below:, Poetry is his expression of feelings and ultimate passion. He being an earth scientist has traveled a lot all over India and abroad and his poems stored all those memories of pastime. His works weave through nature and he communicates in his own inimitable style.

Last updated July 01, 2011