Our Story

by Gregory Snyder

There are no words, no quotes to explain.
The history, the love, everything you mean to me.
I’d foot 10,000 miles, to see that smile.
For a chance to hold you just awhile.

Baby, I hope you see, that you’re my girl.
Doll, you mean the world to me.
I hope this is something you can believe.

You’re a comfort, a solace in Gray sweats.
If the world were my bed, you’d be the pillow where I rest my head.
We’re intertwined, something I can’t explain
You’ve been the cause, girl, you’ve been the cure of my pain.

You’re my everything, you’re my crutch, you’re my wings.
You lift me up, when I’m feeling down.
When I’m spiraling straight towards the ground.
Do you hear that sound?
You’re the song I sing.
You’re sweeter than my glass of Ovaltine.
When will you be around to be with me?
When will you be in town & be with me?

I thought you knew, and yes, my words are true.
while you were away, my heart has always been with you.
I thought you knew…
I never wanted you to go, I wanted you to stay.
I let you go. Don’t you know?
What they say, if you come home, then it’s meant to be.
We were meant to be…
You’re a Part of me. A pre-written history, of a book, if you look,
I know it ends happily.
I know it ends with you & me.

Just someone who likes to dabble in writing lyrics and poetry. I've always considered it a hobby, and have never taken it all that seriously... I enjoy it though.

Last updated September 17, 2011